Promo Flyer for SecretsCon 2015

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We have a new flyer for 2015 ready to go!  Please help us spread the word and NOT keep this a secret in the coming days before the convention.   It IS NOT too soon either.  Rates go up over time, so encouraging your friends to register soon helps them save cash and helps us save by preparing for the convention, further ahead of time.

Be the best part of SecretsCon!  Help us get the word out!

The Eagle Has Landed!

apollo-11-crest[1]Or so it was once said.  45 years ago to be exact.  In honor of this achievement we would like to inspire achievement in others.

Announcing the “Lunar Legends” Game Design challenge!

The moon in the sky has been inspirational for millenia and while we haven’t been back in some time, it is still up there watching over us.

Take that energy, emotion, drama and what have you and distill it into your best print and play game design.

The only content limitation is that is must be family-friendly and related to our planet’s only natural satellite.

The design (rules and all) must not exceed 4 printed 8 1/2″ x 11″ pages.   Please submit your PDF entry to us below before midnight September 15th, 2014.

Winners will receive publicity here and their design will be published as part of the SecretsCon convention on March 13-15th, 2014.

Get your design energies going!

Welcome to Station A


Based on all the feedback and experience we encountered with the prototype game JUMP! we are now announcing a new interactive game called STATION A.   All of our interactive games can be found under the grouping GAMBOLS GAMES and this is the first full one.  While it starts small the intent it to make gaming a game unto itself.

While all is at peace within Station A,  agents too can find themselves at odds with their fellow agents.  To start us all off on the right foot, we are working together to accomplish common goals, such as establishing a safehouse and other critical components of a successful intelligence agency.  Work together for our common goal…

…and maybe occasionally the odd special mission.

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to select a Secrets Agent Codename and make contact with the records agent at our events.  Then have them log your gameplay and that of other Secrets Agents.  Every hour of time accrued goes towards the development of Station A.

Welcome to your ground-floor espionage opportunity!

New Membership Rates Announced!

meeple2_0 With the end of AndoCon 2014 so too ends our Pre-PRE-Registration palooza.

We are excited to announce the three tiers of registration for Memberships purchased between now and the middle of November 2014.

There are 3 lots for membership:

* In the event a given Lot # sells out we will progress to the subsequent lot. Please purchase your membership early to ensure you save the most on your SecretsCon Membership.

Georgia Pathfinder Society returns!

ga pfs profile 545753_490731857656393_1054832150_nI want to share our excitement that the Georgia Pathfinder Society will be returning to SecretsCon 2015.

We will have Warhorn set up soon so GM can begin getting their game times scheduled and players can reserve their spots early.  There will be a special badge ribbon at con registration for players that pre-register and reserve their game in Warhorn.

Welcome back!  Thank you for being an exciting part of the year to come.

You might detect…

600_350247842  You might detect a gradual slide to the mechanical and maniacal in the coming months.  The theme for SecretsCon 2015 is Mad Science!

We have added a Maker section here on the website and are sponsoring the Cobb County Maker Meetup and seeking other partners for our growing underground laboratory.  If you find yourself seeking a lab coat, goggles and other Dr. Horrible accouterments you will know you are riding the wave.   After all aren’t our game collections just a lab for creative exploration and problem solving?

First up is AndoCon Jun 13-15, then Goo-Con in July and Monster-Rama in August.  We are not ruling out many other fun events in between either, so please clue us in on your favorites.

We hope to see you there!

Like a Good Mystery…

dexters-lab 200x100 Like a good mystery we locked in the fact of a time (March 13-15, 2015) and now we have the location. The same Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center that hosted us last year will be our home for 2015.

Look for a focus and events coming soon to make thing even more fun. Watch for meetups during the time between now and then for all kinds of fun events that will be leading us to the big event.

Memberships at the $25 Pre-PRE-registration rate will continue until they run out -OR- June 15th; whichever comes first.

Adding a Secrets Factory Book Club

BookClubSoap Its too easy a joke. The #1 rule of book club is everybody talk about book club. :)

Or at least consider it.  As a hobby, I have found that board gamers have an active reading life.   I had been staying so busy that we gradually drifted game night to game night and I was invited to take a break and join the Metro Atlanta Geeks group for their book club.

It was a TON OF FUN!  That month the book was American Gods by Neil Gaiman.   I had limited exposure to his work directly but had heard about this book for ten years so I was eager to read it.  It was a great joy which drove me to consume his related book The Anansi Boys.  Also a great and entertaining read.

Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman

On some level this inspired me to begin asking if there was some interest in the Secrets Factory folks and more than a few responded with interest.   This did not surprise me so here we are.

The plan is to meet the second Tuesday of each month at Bellas Pizzaria from 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

Next Month that will be June 10th.  To start with I chose a book from my reading list but going forward we would vote on them the midnight before the meeting and sally forth for a month of quality reading.

51z-3Yg2fuL._AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-46,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_[3]For June 10th, in honor of Jim Butcher’s forthcoming, Skin Game (releasing May 27th, next in the Dresden Files series) I selected it.  Maybe not the best first book, but in the interest of time, I selected one that several people I knew would be devouring as soon as it was released.

To join us and/or vote on the July  book, come join us on GoodReads ( ), as social media site for readers and book collectors.

On the current poll there are several suggestions, but feel free to add your own.  This meetup is designed to provide a monthly meal and social time as well as some focused discussions on the book of the month.  Log in and tell us your favorite.

We hope you can join us soon!


What should we read for July? Your votes decide between now and the beginning of the June meetup.
(You may add your suggestions too.)

March 13-15, 2015 is Locked in!

locked onSecretsCon 2015 can now begin serious planning.

Thank you for all the fantastic feedback and support through our first convention in 2014.  We are making the arrangements to host you all next year as well.

Please make time to join us.

If you are sure you can, please go ahead and get the best rate we will have, at our Pre-PRE-Registration rate of $25.

For other memberships or purchase of one of the limited Eternal Memberships review our MEMBERSHIP page.

March 13-15, 2015 – Atlanta, Georgia